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Trustworth Studios Wallpaper in ``Killers of the Flower Moon`` (2023)

Honored to be asked, Trustworth Studios supplied a wallpaper for the remarkable Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon.” The set designers said they’d been looking for an early-20th-century pattern with a naturalistic theme. “I sent them samples that I thought matched the description,” says Trustworth designer David Berman, “but also included ‘Woodland Cottage’, which they selected.” The wallpaper shows a dense, green, unspoiled forest with a rural cottage set in the foliage. The paper ended up in the dining-room set of the principal characters’ home; it was prominent in the first publicity image released, of actors Lily Gladstone and Leonardo DiCaprio seated at the dining table. Use of the paper might be interpreted as a memory of the past amidst horrific destruction.


Trustworth Wallpaper Featured on Chairish

Alden Miller of Alden Miller Interiors renovated a family house into a highly functional, contemporary residence nostalgic for earth tones and eclectic shapes. Graphic floral-print wallpaper from Trustworth Studios, featured in the primary bedroom brings the room into the territory of maximalism, where the design rarely ventures, while sleek neutral tones offset the pattern’s vivacity.

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Trustworth Wallpaper in House Beautiful

For a client seeking a dream house for her family, Kentucky-based interior designer Chenault James created a vibrant dining space that accommodates multiple uses. (The high-low table also separates into two!) It’s all tied together with ‘Tokio’ wallpaper, classic and in a bold colorway, from Trustworth Studios.

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Highline Hotel Guest Rooms Feature Trustworth Wallpaper

New York design firm Roman & Williams transformed the guestrooms at The High Line Hotel with custom décor and hand-selected historic pieces for a vintage eclectic Americana aesthetic. One of four English wallpaper patterns from the 19th century reproduced by Trustworth Studios drapes the guestrooms.

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The Children Act

Trustworth Papers in the Film ``The Children Act`` (2017)

Trustworth Studios was honored to supply the wallpaper ‘Whoot’, a pattern depicting owls and owlets, for the set of a flat shared by characters played by Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci in the film version of “The Children Act.”

The film industry often incorporates “Easter eggs” in sets: design elements hiding in plain sight that add subliminal meaning, whether or not the viewer is aware. The owl wallpaper may symbolize wisdom, intelligence, family, and protectiveness. These are all themes explored in the film.


Custom Wallpaper By Trustworth in the Stage Production of ``Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea`` (2014)

Trustworth Studios was happy to produce a custom-scaled version of their ‘The Three Men of Gotham’ pattern for the Stockholm Stadsteater (State Theatre). It was remade at twice the original (document) scale, so that it would read more clearly from the audience. The paper was requested just before Christmas 2013 for delivery to Sweden by the middle of January 2014. The rush job during holiday season was accomplished with comparative ease; “no gingerbread was left uneaten,” says Studios founder David Berman.

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